ALOHA PEACE / You and the blue sky

  2. You and the blue sky

A colorful scream of rapidly rising popularity all over the country based in Kansai. Two mini-albums released at the beginning of the year have been well received, and from this fall four-city tours in Osaka, Tokyo, Nagoya and Fukuoka are on the verge, and they are already very liveliness, etc. However, it is a popular limited release urgently limited release of 2 songs "ALOHA PEACE" "You and the Blue sky" full of emotions and colorful colors to color summer!


"Colorful Scream," a female group from Kansai that is rapidly gaining in popularity nationwide. Debuted in January 2017. "Color your heart!" Emotional though cute. It's a dramatic and memorable stage that doesn't end with just fun, and its popularity is soaring. Two albums released in February 2019, "Colorful Scream @ Colorful Edition" and "Colorful Scream @ Scream Edition" are both charted in the TOP10 on the Oricon Daily Chart. Music distribution is also performing well and attracting more customers. From last year to this year, one-man tours in five cities in four cities (Osaka, Tokyo, Nagoya, Fukuoka) "LET'S PACCHIN". Thanks for being packed despite being held on weekdays! Popular throughout Japan, their rising popularity will color with "colorful" sound performances and smiles!

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