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Takaaki Natsushiro's single released in 2017.

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Deezer • Country top charts • Japan • TOP 1 • 19 Mar 2022

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Apple Music • バレンタインtracks - LOVE & HAPPY • 5 Feb 2021

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  • Takaaki Natsushiro

    The sound source is released while utilizing the Internet. He continues to make video announcements one after another, attracting attention with his own singing voice, and is continuously in charge of TV anime theme songs. In 2018, he released the album "Gänger", which was composed by himself. "Near" etc., which caused a hit from online culture and exceeded 5 million playbacks, were recorded, recording 13th place on Oricon and 6th place on iTunes. In the 2019 live tour "Fußgänger", all venues including the LIQUIDROOM performance were completed immediately, and in the summer, the tour "Vacilando" including the first overseas solo performance was held and the first appearance at rock festivals such as JOIN ALIVE. From June of the same year, he started a solo project "Natsu to suisei".

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