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Your Eye is the second solo song by Yumeno Kishimoto, formerly of Tsubaki Factory.
The music for this piece was provided by Tatsuya Okuwaki and Rihi, who are active as Akashic. Like the previous song BLUEMOON BLUES, Yumeno Kishimoto's original idea for this song, including the poem and the music, has been completed.

Yumeno Kishimoto's comment
When I eat a very delicious meal, I often feel sadness that the meal will be over someday rather than happiness. It is the same when I am doing well at work or having a good time with friends.
I thought it might be the same when I fall in love and find someone to love like in this song.
I would like to thank Rihi-san for writing the lyrics that came so easily to me, and Okuwaki-san for creating a new kind of pop, cute, but heartbreaking music as Kishimoto!
I hope each of you will listen to the song as you feel the rooms, temperatures, smells, and sounds that come to mind when you hear it.

Rihi comment
Thank you very much for the lyrics.
When we first met, I was surprised at how much I could relate to the values that Yumeno shared with me. Although I was in charge of writing the lyrics, I would like everyone to think of this song as Yumeme's own words and listen to it as such.
I am glad that I had the opportunity to meet Ms. Yumeno through this project, as she perfectly understood my intentions without me having to say anything. I am happy to have met Yumeno through this opportunity!

Tatsuya Okuwakicomment
I composed this music.
I am very happy to have finished this emotional song with a wonderful world view. During the recording session, I was in a festival of admiration for Mr. Yumeno's professionalism and spirit. I hope this song will be loved for a long time. Repeats are inevitable. Thank you very much.

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You are I

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  • Yumeno Kishimoto

    BLUEMOON BLUES" was released for distribution on April 1, 2024, Yumeno Kishimoto Born on April 1, 2000, in Osaka Prefecture. Joined Hello! Project trainees in November 2012. On April 29, 2015, she was selected as a member of the newly formed unit within Hello! Project trainees, "Tsubaki Factory." After releasing four indie singles, she made her major debut on February 22, 2017. In July of the same year, her second single "Shuukatsu Sensation/Waratte/Hanamoyou" won the New Artist Award at the 50th Japan Cable Awards and the Best New Artist Award at the 59th Japan Record Awards. Graduated from Tsubaki Factory and Hello! Project after a graduation performance at Nippon Budokan on November 6, 2023. Joined YU-M Entertainment in January 2024 and, after a preparation period, is now moving forward. Will hold her first solo live concert "Ichi, Miman" at Shinjuku Loft on June 8, 2024. Her hobbies include weight training and playing the guitar.

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