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Chirolyn & the Angels★新曲★3ヶ月連続デジタルシングルリリース!

‪◆第一弾『I need your love』配信中


Chirolyn & the Angels

Formed in 2000. Major debut from Toshiba Virgin. And in 2002 the activity stopped. And beyond 17 years, the drummer "Karen Shibata" and the activity resumed in 2019. 2020 ★ Chirolyn & the Angels 20th Anniversary Tour of Higashi Meihan Tour [Story only here, actually 3rd anniversary] Decided! Although there was no activity for 18 years, it was the 20th anniversary of its formation, and it has only been active for 3 years. But because of 18 years of silence There is Chirolyn & the Angels now. Welcome new members, complete revival! Come and Poison the power-up Angels. If you have never heard of Angels, you will surely be captivated! Chirolyn & The Angels will flutter from 2020.

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