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The changing seasons and the love between men and women with the theme of autumn.
From summer to winter, farewell from encounters.
The answer given by the distance between the two unfilled people is not only sad.
The song is M: //t.p and VOCAL is wistera following the previous work, and it is a song that expresses the sadness of autumn by Sakura Motoyama who decorated the flower of this work.

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Never meet you again

Apple Music • 78 musi-curate TuneCore Japan zone • 3 Nov 2020

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    Transistory (Transistry) "Transistory," a new music and video art project that connects everyone's story like a transistor from THE FACTORY TOKYO presents, factory. The sense of distance and sense of values ​​of men and women has been simplified in the modern age where connection and communication through SNS and the Internet are the center. An art project that projects the passing of love, the margin of love, and the emotional feeling of air created by the young artists of today through the story of the video through the video, which was born because of the labor required instead of the convenience that was in 80 '90' It is.

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