The Owl

  1. The Owl ~The owl tells that we have uninvited guests~
  2. The Owl ~The owl tells that we have uninvited guests~ (karaoke ver.)

KOKIA's popular "Owl Song" on SNS was released as a single from the animal series album vol.1. It seems like you guys want to sing as well as listen. So, in response to this request, both music and karaoke will be released. You can purchase the album which includes "Owl Song" at KOKIA's official online store "KOKIA Jirushi" Here is the link.


Debuted in 1998. Kokia was raised being familiar with music and arts by influence of her grandparents. She was especially fascinated by the world of music, and naturally started composing music with piano. She started learning violin at the age of three, and majored in voice at Toho Gakuen high school and university. While she studied classical music, she made a debut as a professional since she desired to be able to express wonder and possibility of music through her own composition and words. Her ever-changing voice has been highly appreciated as "borderless voice", and her career is spreading to the world, especially supported in Europe. Her songs which values heart-touching and simple message are questioning what "love and peace"is. Other than her own creative activities, she shows broad musical talent by TV-spots and producing works.

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