More Juice

  1. Never Lose
  2. Dress Code Life (feat. Teddyloid)
  3. Breath in the Future (feat. Lyn)
  4. Out of Hako (feat. Mafia Kajita)
  5. No Answer
  6. Questions
  7. Some What Broken
  8. Stop FXXKING Phantom
  9. Chill
  10. PAIN
  11. Out of Hako (REMASTERED)

The most awaited 3rd album from Lotus Juice. After his 2nd album CARPE DIEM, he has worked on game and anime music in Japan, rocking shows from Budokan to Yokohama Arena. He has been performing internationally as well such as US, Argentina, Canada, Mexico and so on. Featured artist includes Lyn well known for PERSONA 5 singer, and a game writer Mafia Kajita. Guest producer is Teddyloid on Dress Code Life. More Lotus Juice music, More Juice.

Lotus Juice

Best known for his works in the video game hit Persona series, Lotus Juice's diverse skill has taken many anime music as well as video games. His hits include music from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Persona 3 Movie series, Soul Eater, Noragami, Irregular at Magic Highschool, Kuroshitsuji, Katanagatari, C, PERSONA 4 ANIMATION, PERSONA 4 ANIMATION GOLDEN and so on.

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