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作曲/和田名保子 編曲/佐藤金之助

作曲:和田名保子  編曲:寺田蝶美 小野としたか

作曲:和田名保子  編曲:佐藤金之助

作曲:和田名保子  編曲:箕原淳平

作曲:和田名保子  編曲:佐藤金之助

花だより(Dedicated to Mrs.Nuiko)
作曲:和田名保子  編曲:佐藤金之助

Artist Profile

  • Naoko Wada

    Naoko Wada Ocarina Quena player / composer Lives in Fukuoka Japan Her creative themes are stars, moon, earth, Silk Road, and life. Her original song goes beyond the ready-made ocarina / quena music weaving her own musical world. She is performing live in various places, in Japan and also in abroad for bringing her own music world to people with the aim of further ocarina/quena popularization. She has released 12 CD albums so far. Ocarina / Quena class "Grand Jute". Resonance ensemble unit "Gatenku" Calligrapher, actress and whistle unit "Hakata Onna Shachu". Please check the Naoko Wada official website for details and also job offers. Thank you.

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