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art by MizunOE

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Rebecca never goes outside

iTunes Store • J-Pop TOP SONGS • United Kingdom • TOP 4 • 27 Nov 2021 Apple Music • J-Pop Top Songs • New Zealand • TOP 130 • 7 Dec 2021

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  • arai tasuku

    arai tasuku (composer) Ever since I was a child, I had learned how to escape into my dreams. I have always wanted to meet the people I met in my dreams in reality. Knowing that this is an unattainable dream, I live in modern society every day. She struggled with the fact that it was an unattainable dream. His niche is to make music with the sounds that come back from his pillow. The stories he collects by hand with thread are like a patchwork of dreams. He is best known as an artist, but he is also a visual and sound designer, space director, and engineer. He yearns to be an eternal child. We cannot defy the flow of time, nor can we become wiser with it.

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