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Ano machi kono machi Selection

  1. Natsu wa kinu
  2. Usagi no dansu
  3. Hanyu no yado
  4. Ano machi kono machi
  5. Kagome kagome
  6. Yuki
  7. Dokokade haru ga
  8. Mura no kajiya
  9. Hamabe no uta

"I've never heard such an exciting song for children!"
A lively, excellent piece of music which retains its nostalgic character, included in the enchanting, second album produced by "Kanariya Touban".

Kanariya Touban

We are a musical group that sings lyrics and melodies that strike a chord in the hearts of people, transcending generations and music genres. Our music, which consists mainly of children's songs and other Japanese songs, is accompanied by an exciting and fascinating musical performance. Our repertoire also includes folksongs, pop music, foreign music, and our own original songs. The group name "Kanariya Touban" expresses a desire not to become a "canary that has forgotten how to sing." Japan Doyo Society, Doyo Ambassador (2019-)

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