from cocoon to butterfly Front Cover


sortir de sa chrysalide (feat. xy softshade)


I was locked in a cacoon for a long time

Couldn’t stand the cold on the outside

I didn’t wanna open up that door

I wanted comfort and nothing more


Held back from the start

Is it too late to fix my sick, cold heart?


We still have wings we can soar

It’s time to emerge from our chrysalis

I’m sick of this

It shouldn’t be so hard

We still have wings we can fly

We still have a light we can shine

Got a lot of time to make up

But first we need to wake up


  • Lyricist

    BUNNY, xy softshade

  • Composer

    BUNNY, xy softshade

from cocoon to butterfly Front Cover

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    Lonely Together

    BUNNY, Kellin Quinn

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    sortir de sa chrysalide (feat. xy softshade)


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    Kill My Voice (feat. Hoshikuma Minami)


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    Butterfly Effect


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    Curse of Your Love

    BUNNY, Johnnie Guilbert

Japanese artist BUNNY Release New EP "from cocoon to butterfly"

"Sharing the loneliness, desolation, and closed-mindedness" & "Evolution into a new sound of my own".
These two messages are expressed in the metaphor of growth from chrysalis to butterfly.
Kellin Quinn of Sleeping With Sirens, Johnnie Guilbert, Hoshikuma Minami, and other artists who are currently hot in the world rock scene participate in the collaboration.

As seen in Lonely Together, Curse of Your Love, and sortir de sa chrysalide, for which BUNNY wrote all the lyrics for the first time, the album also Includes songs with lyrics that confront loneliness and reach out to those who are feeling alone, as well as songs about the crazy love at the end of loneliness.
The entire EP shines with an emotional and intense sound that releases the closed emotions that we all have.
The cover art is by British CG designer ALYX, who has done artwork for Ed Sheeran / Bring Me The Horizon - Bad Habits and 3D visuals for "drop dead", a crossing brand founded by Bring Me The Horizon vocalist Oli Sykes that has become an icon in emo culture around the world.

Comments from BUNNY about the EP,
"For me, this EP is a turning point and has great significance. It was a piece I really wanted to make after seeing the chaotic world after the pandemic. Having experienced bullying and discrimination in my own life, I really wanted to make music to reach out to the oppressed in this world.
Feelings of loneliness, blockage, and a need for love and temperature. There have been many moments in my life when I have felt these feelings, and I think everyone has. At the same time, it is a theme that applies to contemporary society as a whole.I put that message into hard, catchy music, and I hope that throughout the EP, I can share some of my feelings with those who are looking for a place to stand and love."

Artist Profile


    The 22 year old started DJing at the young age of 17. Now in the 4th year of his music career, and within 2 months of launching into music production, his remix "BTS - Fake Love (BUNNY Remix)", uploaded to Sound Cloud, was played by Zedd at Ultra Korea 2018, and also played by Salvatore Ganacci at Spectrum Dance Music Festival . Attracting interest in the past on SNS as the "high-school student DJ", he commands a loyal following from the younger crowd---the vibe he has built up with them is like no others in his generation---while at the same time he has earned a strong reputation amongst those in the music industry. In the past the mix CDs of this high school student DJ have appeared one after the other near the top of the iTunes dance chart, while now he has embarked on a journey as a young artist bursting with the energy to take his music to the next level. Currently he is playing at ageHa as a residential DJ, witch is the largest music club in Japan.

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