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"I fell in love. Ten days I'll never forget."
Singer-songwriter Eri Taguchi's coming-of-age heartbreak song.

This song was Produced by Gaku Ninomiya.
The song he produced charted at No. 1 on the World Official Indies Chart in October 2021.

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    Taguchi's songs "coloring everyday life. Taguchi records melodies and words that come to his mind on a daily basis in his iPhone voice memo to create music. His unique lyrics and catchy melodies, which come from his daily life and from humming, have a reputation for being addictive, and once you hear them, you can't help but hum them in your daily life. Her positive songs that turn sadness into fun, such as "Floss Before Sleeping," a message and love song about preventing tooth decay, are popular. The world view she creates with her pure and powerful voice and unique sense of style is one-of-a-kind. She is an entertainer who keeps audiences entertained with her stylish talk and stage direction. As a radio personality, she is known for her infectious laughter. His colorful, pure, and passionate illustrations have been used on flyers for musicians, and he is expanding the scope of his expressive activities.

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