How Do You Think

  1. How Do You Think

A new generation, culture project label 'N.E.O.N' started with the dawn of Reiwa.
The com-memorable first work, "Shoulder" of STUDIO APARTMENT which is for the first time in 6 years to released. The maiden work "Tiger Drums" of KAISER PENGUIN who is an expected new star. "Club Lonely" and repackaged "Found Him" which are STUDIO APARTMENT. 'N.E.O.N' making consecutively buzz-worthy works,
the last work in 2019 is "HOW DO YOU THINK" MIU KIM who is a talented Korean girl being active in a model and actress and DJ.
She got Korea Super Model Contest in 2011 Afterwards, being active in Hong Kong as a model since 2014 to the present and appearing on Korean drams as an actress as well.
On the other hand, she has started a DJ activity from 2010, performing at various events and the sophisticated performance has been evaluated. Being intelligent and beautiful MIU KIM releases her debut song long-awaited from 'N.E.O.N'!
Covering CHEEZE "HOW DO YOU THINK" which is the hit song in underground Korean city pop,
The completion track is so luscious with featuring the marvelous her voice to the dreamy track arranging 4 beat based and taking advantage of the original elements.
It will be different color in 'N.E.O.N' since ever. While fully exhibiting its own Asian connection, you can feel the further potential of 'N.E.O.N' and
it is a perfect work for listening, coloring the summer while arranging to the current music scene.
 'N.E.O.N' will be accelerate further in 2020 and release more works which talented artists, in addition to STUDIO APARTMENT,KAISER PENGUIN,DJ OCHAZUKE and the others all over the world. Moreover organizing more events and connecting Japan and Asia to the World, making new movements. Keep eyes on future developments!


MIU KIM who is Korea supermodel special winner, actress and DJ. Graduated a major in theater and film of Anyang Arts High School, the theater department of the Korea National University of Arts and a major in public image at Chung-Ang University's Graduate School of Arts. Won Korea Super Model Contest in 2011 Afterwards, she has been active in Hong Kong as a model since 2014 to the present. Her career as an actress, "Worst Friends" one of short films she performed is the Best Film Award at The Miseen Scene short film festival in 2009 and has also acted in several Korean dramas and movies which are SBS '대풍수' , KBS '참치와 돌고래' and '밤의 여왕'. Her latest work in 2019, a short film 'Su Yeon' was nominated in Seoul International Women's Film Festival and awarded Seoul World Short Film Festival Award. On the other hand, it has been started a DJ career since 2010 before being active in a model and actress, and performing DJ at fashion events where Adidas, PONY, Piaget and Sixty8ight. Showing DJ in Japan in May 2019. The floor was exhilarated with the exceptional sense. Currently based in Singapore. Her Instagram has attracted a great deal of attention, as her Instagram accounted for 150,000 followers in a private account.

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