And When I Embraced You

  1. Three Birds in the dream
  2. Wear the Most Beautiful Costume (feat. Xiao Ying)
  3. And When I Embraced You (feat. Moxi Zishi)
  4. In the Mirror
  5. Memory of Lu Mountain
  7. Important Tips to Write Down Every Day
  8. Leaf Swaying in the Wind
  9. Meaning Jungle Trip Guide
  10. Father's Garden
  11. Red Dragonfly [Cover] [feat. Xiao Ying]

Cheng Bi 's 6th album "And When I Embraced You" will finally be released on 29th Aug 2019 in China and Japan at the same day.
This album is filled with a variety of music, and recorded with guest artists from China, such as Moxi Zishi and Xiao Ying.
Title song "And When I Embraced You" is poetry by modern Japanese poet Kiwao Nomura.

Cheng Bi

Cheng Bi Born in China Shandong. Peking University master's degree (Japanese culture) after graduation coming to Japan, up through the work at the Nippon Design Center, Inc. Hara Design Institute (office of designer Kenya Hara). She had met with Shuntaro Tanikawa(Poet),Kensaku Tanikawa(Musician),Tien Yuen(Poet, Professor of Josai International Unversity), Shine Yukawa(Musician) , Aoba Ichiko(Musician), Humbert Humbert(Musician), and start working as a singer-songwriter based in Tokyo and Beijing. 2012 Mar. Won the Award "Ten Best on campus singer Competition" in Peking University. 2012 Sep. Released 1st album " ANNA's PATIO". (by self productin) 2013 Oct. Was created to participate in "looking for three sisters" CCTV audition program, and " I thought singing would sing" is adopted in the theme song of the same program 2014 Mar. Cheng Bi contract with "PANDA RECORD" which is Japanese music label that transmits towards the overseas Chinese artists. It started towards the world activities. 2014 Aug. Released 2nd album "Poetry Meets Song". It's contained Shuntaro Tanikawa "Dying in Spring", Chinese contemporary lyricist Bei Dao"All", Xi Chuan"Night Birds", Tien Yuen"Withered Tree". (The title is named by Bei Dao the contemporary of China, cover photos, shooting by Hiroshi Noda Japanese painter) 2015 Apr. Start to China tour in Beijing, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong, then she got a lot of fans and more than 400 thousand followers on "weibo" (Chinese SNS). 2015 Jul. Released 3rd album "I want to waste a time with you" 2016 Sep. Released 4th album "Early Born Cricket" 2017 Dec Released 5th album "Ever Walking" 2019 Aug Released 6th album "And When I Embraced You"

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