1. iunareba

<<Entertainment king>> from Adachi-ku, Tokyo Kita-senju. My father, Tokyo and my mother are Aizuwakamatsu-shi, Fukushima. It's raw on January 3. Singer and author. A common name: Entertainment king. The television joke program which appeared on 13 years old, it's to an entertainment world in opportunity. [Music] a style is to a slow ballad from up tempo focusing on rock. Lyrics are drawing a true story in moto. Men and women of all ages closes go for live broadcasting, by the construction I tend to know, music and talkativeness, the stage where I fused is offered. [Radio program] "comical syndrome of NAU Yoichi" it's being broadcast on a national network. [Masterpiece] the (director) Hanako put on/(produce) of BO NOBO/festival music-game Tribute (director)/"GOTOCHIBANDO" (headmaster of a crammer)

Now e Youichi

Now e Youichi. Born in Kitasenju, Adachi-ku, Tokyo. My father is Tokyo and my mother is Aizuwakamatsu City, Fukushima Prefecture. Born on January 3rd. Singer and writer. Common name: Entertainment King. Entering the entertainment world with a comedy TV program at the age of 13. [Music] Styles range from up-tempo to slow ballads with a focus on rock. The lyrics are drawn with real stories. Live offers a stage that fuses music and talk with an easy-to-understand composition for both young and old. [Radio program] "Nau Yoichi's Comical Syndrome" is being broadcast nationwide. [Representative work] Hanako-san came (Director) / Reiko Matsuri ~ Game Tribute (Director) / "Gotochi Band" (President)

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