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Sono Hitomi ni Uturu Sekai


あなたが触れたものが 想いと香り纏って

確かにこの場所にいたの 心が叫ぶ

ドアを開けても 誰もいない

広がっていた 2人の物語

もうわかっていたこと でも早すぎて

次の季節 遠く 手も届かずに

あなたが見ていたものが 滴ときらきら光って

静かに穏やかに ずっと黙って見ていた

風を受けて ふと見つめた

ねぇ聞かせて あなたは幸せ?

もう決めていた でも何もできずに

あなたがいない部屋は 冷たく響く

あなたが触れたものが 音も立てず眩しくて

確かに いつも側にいたの 涙が溢れる


すべてのものたちが 輝き出したの

あなたに包まれ 初めて知った愛

私は似た人を 今も探してしまう







大丈夫 いつだってほら

今も あなたを見ている

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Sono Hitomi ni Uturu Sekai Front Cover

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    Sono Hitomi ni Uturu Sekai


<Sigh of TOKYO. >RYU MIHO's soothing whisper voice full of rich overtones and a floating sensation, described by an expert as "miraculous vocal chords," has attracted much attention.
This is RYU MIHO's second digital single.

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    Born into a family with a father who worked for a trading company, he spent his childhood overseas. After returning to Japan, he grew up in Kamakura, where he was exposed to music under the influence of his jazz-loving father and R&B-loving mother. She began her music career in high school. He formed a rock band and began playing keyboards, guitar, writing lyrics, and composing music, collaborating with various genres and artists. Inspired by Helen Merrill, he eventually gravitated toward the world of Jazz. <He has been featured in "TOKYO'S SIGH. >Her soothing whisper voice with rich overtones and a floating sensation, described by an expert as "miraculous vocal chords," has attracted much attention. Her talent blossomed in 2009 with the release of her debut album "woman with LOVE," and in 2012 she made her major label debut with the full-length album "...and you will find me" on King Records. Her second album "Because the Night..." was released a little more than a year and a half later due to the great response and reaction she received. Her knowledge of a wide range of musical genres, her unique repertoire of covers that create a unique world full of rock spirit, which is also her spiritual pillar, her high-quality original songs, her intelligent good looks, her unique singing ability, and her brilliant stage performances have been talked about from all quarters as the emergence of a new DIVA. They have been called a new DIVA by various quarters. In 2014, she became the tourism ambassador of Nakanojo Town, Agatsuma County, Gunma Prefecture, singing the town's official theme song "Nakanojo no uta" and is also active as the same ambassador. Released her 3rd album "Call me" from King Record in 2016. Other main activity records Sang the ending theme "Sora no Oto" for the 2017 anime 18if 2019Animation film "COCOLORS" Lyrics and singing 2020Composed and sang lyrics for the game Tales of Crestria commercial song "Light in you 2022Consumer game "Yurukiru" AI voice Recording of singing for Megamaso Chorus, etc. Currently appearing as a DJ on FM Odawara's "Chiffon Jazz Suite" (every Wednesday at 10:30 p.m.). (Every Wednesday from 10:30 p.m.)

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