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In 2023, Ym3boi, a 19 year old rookie who is sure to dominate the Japanese rap scene, will release his third single.

Ym3boi, whose first single "Shorty" and second single "Dilemma" charted on numerous popular playlists and gained over 10,000 monthly listeners on Spotify in less than two months since his debut, has released his third single featuring G3F (Jeff), a close friend who he has been working with since middle school, and sings a melodious and dope trap song in a cool style.

Produced by DR. SWING for OPTIMISTIX
Written by Ym3boi, G3F, and DR. SWING
Recorded & Vocal Edit by Juno at Causality Studio
Mixed by Dr. Swing at Quantum Sound
Mastered by Dr. Swing at Quantum Sound
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  • Ym3boi

    Born in Ichikawa City, Chiba Prefecture in 2003. Influenced by Chris Brown and Juice Wrld, he started creating music on his own at the age of 14. He is a next-generation Rap artist with a natural sense of melody and straightforward lyricism. He is definitely an artist to watch out for as he is sure to gain overwhelming popularity in the year 2023. Twitter @Ym3boi Instagram @ym3boi_material TikTok @Ym3boi_official SoundCloud Ym3boi

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