1. Sorrow

Re-recorded by current member.
[Sorrow] was being recorded in an album "A Circle Of Lament (2008)".
This is the one of the most representative song for eleanor.


2006 "eleanor" is a Japanese MELANCHOLIC GOTHIC METAL band founded by Ippei J.Malmsteen (guitars) and Shiori Vitus (vocals) in Osaka where the 2nd largest city in Japan. Their sound were influenced by The Gathering, Sentenced, Amorphis and any other European metal bands. By the way "eleanor" was named after a song of The Gathering. They released demo CD and started live shows in Osaka and Tokyo. 2007 Lupin (bass) joined. 2008 1st album "a circle of lament" released from Black-listed Records (Japan). 2011 Take one year hiatus due to Shiori's proposal. 2012 Reunion. Nao (guitars) and Jet Rumi (chorus, percussion) joined. 2013 2nd album "Breathe Life Into The Essence" released from Black-listed Records (Japan). This album was highly rated and received attention from overseas. As a result, the band got chances mentioned below and got more interviews from overseas. They appeared in Metal Female Voices Fest Vol.11 as only Japanese metal band. They performed as an opening act for ELUVEITIE's Japanese tour. 2015 Carlos (drums) joined. 2016 3rd album "Celestial Nocturne" released from Rubicon Music (Japan). this album was mastered by Alexander Krull (Leaves' Eyes) They did the largest number of live shows in their history. 2017 Kegoi (No Limited Spiral)joined as a temporally drummer due to Carlos left the band. EP [Mellow Songs (Unplugged and the others)] released (self - produced). On the other hand, they have started acoustic live shows around the Osaka city. 2018 Masaki (drums) joined. Album "Celestial Nocturne (euro version)" released from Mighty Music. This album was re-mastered by Alexander Krull (Leaves' Eyes).

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