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The calm before a new journey begins, the anticipation that spreads deep within. We proudly present "Saying Hello..." to the audience. This song was created to color the production in the prologue that opens the door to the story.

Delicate guitar tones echo gently, while gentle strings envelop the heart. The melody, which makes you feel as if you are taking the first step into a new friendship or an unknown world, will strike a chord in the heart of the listener.

Saying Hello... is also an attempt to depict the moment of parting and meeting through music. We believe that this music will create the right emotion for the beginning of the story. Please listen to this music and open the door to a new world.

With its emotional melody, why not embrace the courage to step out into the unknown future and get ready for a new adventure? Saying Hello... will warmly illuminate the beginning of your story.

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