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A suikinkutsu(Water Harp) is a type of Japanese garden ornament and music device. It consists of an upside down buried pot with a hole at the top. Water drips through the hole at the top onto a small pool of water inside of the pot, creating a pleasant splashing sound that rings inside of the pot similar to a bell or Japanese zither, called a koto. It is usually built next to a traditional Japanese stone basin called chōzubachi, part of a tsukubai for washing hands before the Japanese tea ceremony.

I superimposed the sounds of three crystal bowls on the random sounds of a Suikinkutsu. Please note that the recording was made outdoors, so there is some minor noise.

We hope you will find the sound useful for meditation, mood change, relaxation, calm, background music for yoga shavasana, counseling and reading, etc.

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