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A new existence homarelanka from Nagoya D.R.C. released one song "BLACK FLASH" from the EP with 4 songs in advance. Homareranka who appeared in "RASEN" curated by REDBULL without being known and whose talents and abilities spread all over the country. The songs with C.O.S.A. and Campanella, who are also from Nagoya, have been highly evaluated, and the style and musical sense that emphasizes not only Flow but also Lyric are gaining support from all over the country. The single "BLACK FLASH" expresses "black light" that gives off a glare that covers everything, and is a projection of a momentary event that is not eternal to itself. Mix Mastering is produced by "nemy" Producer is produced by "Halfblown" from the US. It is a work that you can feel all the musicality, sense, and lyric of how homareranka, which transcends the boundaries of Japan, runs up.

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