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[The beginning of a beautiful day. A hymn to nature and peace sung by warm ambient.]

It's the blue hour before dawn. The little insects wake up, and the plants and trees prepare to reach for the morning sun. Flowers quietly smell sweet in the soft light that is beginning to shine through.
The beginning of a beautiful day that is supposed to come to people all over the world. coconoe has confined it to a song with a unique sound with a prayer for peace.
The fragile sound loops, nostalgic and gentle piano, tape noise, and warm bass like the vast land comfortably envelop you. The clear, watery tone of the Array Mbira, a rare instrument described as the sound of "purification of the soul," shows various expressions through the effects pedals. The ambient drone sounds like a watercolor painting with innocent voices fusing to create an irreplaceable beautiful world.
The paintings on the cover, which add even more character to the sound, are the work of Unno Atsutaka, a spirited Japanese Western-style painter with whom coconoe has been collaborating since its debut album.

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  • coconoe

    The origins of the name "coconoe" lie in the Japanese terms: "Kokono-e" (literally "ninefold", meaning "to pile up") and "Koko-no-e" (which means "the pictures drawn by individual people"). A union of these homophones, their namesake represents a place where "individually-drawn paintings overlap and become one sound and world". As such, each member of coconoe brings to the table a unique essence which exquisitely blends together to establish a refreshingly avant-garde genre described as "ambient pop art". - takayama naoko - vocals, lyrics, small percussion, videowork, artwork, costume, direction, etc. a bit of a wild child with a silly and clumsy side. A singer and lyricist based in Kyoto, Japan. Rooted in a childhood love of movies and movie soundtracks, Takayama cites a variety of Western music influences including pop, R&B ,and jazz. Through art, she expresses connections between emotion, music, and scenery. In 2006, she made her debut through major record label BMG JAPAN (currently Sony Music) as one half of the vocal piano unit "Fonogenico". In 2010, she made her second major debut from POLYSTAR RECORDS with her solo project "Carneiro", which received critical acclaim for its scenic lyricism and Takayama's soft yet powerful "pop singer sound" against a sophisticated backtrack. Takayama has released six original CDs (including her duo and solo projects) and has worked on various collaborations, including providing a track for the ending theme of a TV program. takayama naoko Official Website : - kita kouhei - composition, arrangement, percussion, arraymbira, kalimba, videowork, artwork, etc. a self-paced cat fanatic A musician and percussionist based in Kyoto, Japan. An artist who builds one-of-a-kind soundscapes through unique musical sense and sublime rhythmic prowess, Kita's work is a product of his many years of playing piano since childhood, the percussive mastery he cultivated through years of experience as a studio musician, and the aesthetic sensitivity nurtured via a longtime love of paintings. His first album "endless cycle of rebirth" was released in 2015, followed by his 2nd album "akashic records" in 2016, which was released with the LANTERN label of the NATURE BLISS group in over ten countries across Europe, North America, South America, and Asia. His third album "Imbalance Order And World" (2017) and fourth album "Head Towards The Horizon Of Sandy Sea" (2018) were released through renowned electronic music label PROGRESSIVE FOrM. kita kouhei Official Website : - shingo mimura - composition, arrangement, piano, upright bass, electric bass, guitars etc. a hard-working gentle giant A musician, pianist, and bass player from and based in Kobe, Japan. After graduating from music school with honors, Mimura initially seasoned his musicianship through sessions with other musicians as a session bassist primarily in the Kansai region. He later demonstrated his multifaceted musical talent, providing music for theater and video advertisement, producing, and working as a music director. His musical production is characterized by a visceral quality achieved through striking melodies and large-scale arrangements. In 2018, he released his first full album "Heart Sky Door", a culminant collection and the first under his own name, through renowned electronic music label PROGRESSIVE FOrM . shingo mimura Official Website :

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