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I see a steel tower from the window

Stray cats whisper to one another on a dead railroad

Breathe out smoke of a cigarette in the twilight

Draw a curtain to end these unfair days

Who am I gonna sacrifice tomorrow?

So that nobody take the hidden happiness away from me

I feel the madness taking over and bind myself

Gone through insomniac nights

Got used to hurt someone and being hurt by someone

Before I even knew

He still watering the empty garden

Still keeping and cursed with a vow he made

We cannot change anything

Burnt with passion for ambivalent belief

Thrown away our loved ones

Yet we cannot stop fighting for our own

He, cries for dream that won’t be come true

Where the hell would he lead us to?

She was shivering at the bottom of a river

Covered with the dark of night

But no one in this town even realize it

Tonight, the lights are turned on as always

  • Lyricist

    shigeru morioka

  • Composer

    shigeru morioka

vermilion Front Cover

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  • elephant

    elephant is an alternative band from Yamaguchi, Japan, that uses the US/UK culture and sounds of the 90's as its core, swallowing everything from emo to post-rock, and spitting out their own unique interpretation. Although they are a three-piece, they combine outstanding performance skills with overwhelming sound and heat, and have gained tremendous support from indie fans all over Japan. The band has released their 1st single, "Yellow.
EP", 1st album "innocent innocence", 2nd album "BASEMENT" were released independently. EP", 

While continuing to expand their fan base through their energetic live activities, they released their long-awaited 3rd album "vermilion" from divergent record in 2020.

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