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Exotic! Erotic! Electronic!
Satoru WONO is Japanese composer and musician. he produced this album on the concept of "journey and adventure" which including electro, techno, bossa, lounge, exotica etc.

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  • Satoru Wono

    composer, musician. In 1987, he got the Rookie of the Year award for composition from the Japan Contemporary Music Association and started his work as a composer. After several years, he extended his activity to pop music and released solo CD "Sweet Science", "El Nino" etc. to represent mixture of lounge music and electronics. On the other hand, he keeps trying to compose the experimental sounds with electro-acoustic devices and releases solo CD "Sauvage", "Sonata for sine wave and white noise" and so on. As a music director, he plays the stamp organ for a Japanese art group Maywa Denki. His recent projects are PLEASURE CHANNEL a production for dance tracks, XILICON a electronic pop song group, BLACK VELVETS a lounge music band.

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