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"Heart Chaser", which was released at the end of last year, has been well received not only in Japan but also overseas. CRUiSE! Continues to release the emotional song "Flag of Glory"! We will deliver the straightforward thoughts of the performer and creator with a relaxed and fresh singing voice. A must-listen to the emotional songs that are full of their charms with various aspects! [Profile] A female dance and vocal unit formed in Fukuoka in April 2016. In the live performance with the motif of a passenger ship, the members become crew members, and the popularity is increasing with powerful dance and fresh singing voice. Each member makes the best use of her individuality and is also active in various fields.

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  • CRUiSE!

    A female idol unit formed in Fukuoka in April 2016. In the live of the motif of the cruise ship, the members become crew members, and they are gaining popularity due to the danceful dance and fresh singing voice. Each member makes use of their individuality and plays an active role in each direction (TV, magazine, model business, etc.). In August 2016, he released a limited edition single "Koi no Kiken / Cruising My Story" by Fukuoka, a total prodigy TOMY, and a composer by SHiNTA. As for the coupling, the AKB group provided music to the AKB group, and it was called a topic such as appointing Mr. Haruki Tejima, and sales increased substantially despite sales at local Fukuoka (some stores) and some online sales sites only, Oricon Daily Overall 8th place! In addition, in the free live at Shibuya Marui, which became the first Tokyo live, the number of customers who exceed the capacity can be taken despite the sudden holding one week before the event! In addition, the national idol Japan best decision match "U.M.U Award 2016" held on the next day will remain in the finals from the jury recommendation frame and be won in the third place, attracting attention both now and nationwide. 2017 / March 22, the first nationwide release, "Future Girl A" recorded 5th overall in Oricon Daily! Mini album "Cruising My Story" which was released only at the venue was flooded with inquiries from all over the place. Furthermore, at the end of the year one man live was held in the local Fukuoka, attracted more than 400 people and achieved great success, and they are the girls who have not stopped offering offers from events all over the country today!

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