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A beautiful Japanese "Traditional to Mode Music" is born by ASUKA, breaking the mold of traditional music. This is the Asuka's first Koto solo album.

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iTunes Store • World TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 15 • 7 May 2024

Bitter Rain

iTunes Store • World TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 19 • 30 Sep 2021

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    Asuka(Asuka Yoshizaki) from Tokyo, Japan. Koto, 17gen, and Jiuta shamisen (these are all japanese traditiomal instrument) player and composer. Born in Tokyo,1989. She graduated with the highest grades of Tokyo University of the Arts which is the highest university of Japanese traditiomal music. She grows up with the influence of Katsuhiko Yoshizaki, a composer and koto player, who is her father and the authority of the Japanese modern koto industry. So,she is the only young representative capable of playing both traditional koto classical performance techniques and contemporary transcendental technique. Her career started from 2013. Performed at the Armenian Embassy's Concert Organized in Armenia(2013), Dedicated performance to Princess of Thailand(2014), Performance at the commemorative ceremony of normalizing diplomatic relations between Japan and Korea(2015), Japanese-German joint concert in Germany and Austria(2016). At the same time as playing at these Japanese national events, she is collaborating with artists and performers who are active in various scenes: Jazztronik (musician from Japan), Quick Style (dancer from Norway), Monday Michiru (musician, from US), Simon Marvin (from Australia), Lew Tabackin ( musician, from US) etc. In addition to that, she is also performing in fashion and social activities beyond the music scene; Paris Fashion Week 2018 "H&M Runway Show" TOKYO RAINBOW PRIDE (LGBTQ TOKYO PRIDE) etc. She also performs unit "YY" with Wocasi who is Beat maker since 2016, and performing in various parts of Japan and in the world.

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