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This time, it's a female vocal song based on gentle and pleasant fusion music. This is the second appearance of the vocalist, but Yuzuki Yukari participated as a special guest. As you all know, she is a member of CeVIO AI and is currently active all over Japan. This time as well, I was able to sing comfortably with a beautiful singing voice that was quite natural and well-developed. Since this is a beginner, it's almost untrained and sticky this time as well, but I'm glad that it sings so beautifully. I would like to continue co-starring if I have the opportunity. Thank you, Yuzuki Yukari. official site * The song recorded in this video is the following one. Special Vocal Guest: Yuzuki Yukari Rei of CeVIO AI software. Thanks Yuzu. for detail information pls see our official site. *Lyrics and Music by digitalDuo-G3 *song lyrics: The lyrics are based on Soseki Natume's novel "And Then (sorekara)". "Sinus Amoris" === Hey, talk to me. You're cold, you're like a different person Glittering urban light outside the window The sweet melody of the piano in the world of two of us Be kind to me. I've come here far. Talk to me, otherwise I'll open the wings and fly Hey, don't sleep A very important promise at an important time On a midsummer night, the shadow of the ephemeral full moon is seen There is no red thread between each other's little fingers Don't let go me go since I've decided Keep catching me, otherwise I'll open the wings and show me ===

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  • digitalDuo-G3

    Digital Jazz Fusion unit; digitalDuo-G3(dDG) The duo jazz fusion unit that resists the atmosphere of this modern society, which is cool, smart and teleworking, and continues to create hot music that is crude but fundamental and full of passion. Their creative approach is completely digital and teleworking "improvisational composing". Their maturity has already reached the third grade. The digital piano player "chairhouse", who presides over "piano ten thousand leaves", and the poetic drummer "ossie" have resumed their activities for the first time in 42 years by a miraculous telework reunion. The journey to meet people who love jazz fusion music, which may still remain in the world, has begun. Their performance, gradually refining their rusty music playing skills, is full of enthusiasm to somehow create the best music by the time they die. Their strong desire is to gain the power of digital and "explosionly evolve." They see that one day they will create the best performances that are described as the treasures of mankind. Would you like to support them? ** members ** chairhouse (Hitoshi Yasui) - other digital performances ossie (Yuichiro Akatsuka) - drums and percussion

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