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This is the 2nd track and a gentle and warm piano solo song included in '24 Piano Sketches' that is a new solo album from Yuki Murata, the Tokyo-based pianist/composer and member of the cinematic instrumental music band, Anoice, and its side projects, RiLF and Films, who fascinates music fans in the world by her lovely melodies and piano sounds.

As the name suggests, '24 Piano Sketches' includes 24 piano songs which Yuki Murata plays improvisations on her own grand and upright pianos. This long project is going to add 2 songs every month and ultimately 24 songs in one year, allowing the listeners to feel the changing of the season in real-time via the beautiful, warm, and sometimes melancholic piano sounds.

This time, she purposely selected a cassette tape recorder, a MiniDisc player, and an early generation of iPhone as the recording equipments for each song, unlike studio albums from her own bands such as Anoice. These retro and simplistic recording devices were able to capture not only a creaking noise coming from the piano and the environmental sounds outside the window, but also a noise occurred by cheap microphones, which make this album so impressive. Its nostalgic soundscape may remind her listeners of her first solo album 'Films' and second solo album 'Home'.

You should feel the changing of the seasons with the beautiful piano melodies.

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  • Yuki Murata

    Yuki Murata is a Tokyo-based pianist/composer. Since her childhood, she had been learning various styles of piano and then studied composing music in, not only Japan, but also France and Canada. As a classical music pianist, she was awarded top prizes in various piano competitions such as the PTNA Piano Competition and International Piano Duo Competition. She debuted as a member of the chinematic music group Anoice, by releasing their first album, 'Remmings' through Important Records, Boston in 2006. In 2008, Anoice established their label, Ricco Label. Since then, he has released many music works on not only Anoice but also his own solo project, Takahiro Kido and other projects such as RiLF (an alternative rock band formed by the members of Anoice and Matryoshka's Calu), films (The Tokyo-based dark classical music unit, featuring members of Anoice and two female vocalists in their original languages), mizu amane (Films' side project featuring Japanese languages), cru (The neo-classical music unit formed by Takahiro Kido and Yuki Murata who is the member of Anoice), and The Frozen Vaults (an ambient music unit formed by Yuki Murata, Dave Dhonau, Tomasz Mrenca, Harry Towell and Bartosz Dziadosz) on some music label such as Ricco Label, Important Records, noble label, 1631 Recordings, Flower Blossom In The Space, VoxxoV. In addition, Yuki Murata has taken charge of composing and performing music for many commercial adverts such as Armani, Louis Vuitton, YAMAHA, TOYOTA, ASICS, ANA, TOSHIBA, UNIQLO, Heintz, and etc. Also, she created the soundtracks of some movies such as 'Tusikiji Wonderland' directed by Naotaro Endo and 'Olivier Zahm: Digital Provacateur' derected by Can Evgin and some TV programs such as NHK and WOWOW. Some film works awarded at Venice Film Festival, Prix Italia, National Arts Festival in japan, and Cool Japan Maching Award, and Takahiro Kido and Yuki Murata who are the music composers of Anoice, received the Best Original Score Prize at Sapporo International Short Film Festival.

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