Hakkyouteki Hassan Anken = Dasei

  1. Hakkyouteki Hassan Anken = Dasei


Formed on September 30, 2019. The progressive mixture rock group has gained tremendous support not only from idol fans but also from band kids and music lovers for its MC and fanning performances that boast the highest quality in the industry, rap flow, scream, and rock bands. In 10 months after the formation, he made a great success with TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL appearance, Nippon Budokan event, overseas one-man, and national tour. In addition to live performances, he has appeared on the covers of popular magazines such as "YOUNG JUMP" and various gravure. In addition, she is active in various fields such as the ending theme of "ZENRYOKU! DATSURIKU TIMES" and appearances on popular programs such as "ARIYOSHI HANSEIKAI" and "DOWNTOWN DX". The Zepp DiverCity one-man ticket held on the 2nd anniversary of the formation sold 2000 copies. Toyosu Pit one-man is held on the 3rd anniversary. Tokyo Dome City One-Man will be held on September 5, 2021.

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