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Machi Akari No Gamsha Land Vol.1

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Japanese singer-songwriter Akari Machi, who has been highly acclaimed by famous musicians, released her latest album "COLORFUL! EXCITING! POP MUSIC " (on June 29, 2022), and an "Ambassador Singer Audition" was held to recruit cover singers for the songs that will spread the appeal of the album to the world (recruitment period: from the end of June to September 15, 2022).

A total of 10 covers by 7 groups of artists/idol/singers who have passed a rigorous screening will be distributed worldwide as "Machi Akari no Gamsha LAND"!

Singing with each understanding and interpretation, which is put on the genuine backtrack and not approached by Akari Machi herself, has become something different from the original song.

The jacket art is drawn by Akari Machi herself! Let's enjoy another version with literally all natural "COLORFUL! EXCITING! POP MUSIC "!

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