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-Depicting good old Japan-
In the pictorial and visual vision of electronic music played by "Raijin",
Shakuhachi's sound of "Fujin" pursuing classical music
"Tengu" dances using all kinds of martial arts
Performance unit that continues to evolve around tradition

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iTunes Store • Enka TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 2 • 4 Feb 2020 Apple Music • Enka Top Songs • France • TOP 28 • 28 May 2024 Apple Music • Enka Top Songs • United States • TOP 80 • 23 May 2024 Apple Music • Enka Top Songs • Canada • TOP 136 • 19 Oct 2023

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    The shakuhachi has been handed down through the ages. The vocalist sings sometimes powerfully, sometimes delicately. A Japanese musical art project by three synthesizers that express the breath of the earth with an overwhelming sense of scale, representing heaven, earth and sky. Inspired by the majestic and fantastic scenes of nature, they weave them together like a story to create their works.

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