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Kixam's 1st album "Mr. Whiny", a singer-songwriter / beat maker / producer born in 1999, translated into Japanese as "Nakimushi". The main theme of this album was "Sad". In addition to the emotional expression of "sad," this word has become one of the nuances and genres of music these days. This was handled from an objective point of view, and was created around the fact that everyone lives in the shadows and sorrows. On the other hand, his unique dreamy lyric colored the naturalistic message "You don't have to play it forcibly" and it was incorporated into the song. The sound is an epoch-making one that does not have a definition of genre, and it is a tone that is generally depressed and emphasizes emotion. This album is an emotional and sentimental virgin work that leverages Kixam's innovative sound design and melody making capabilities.

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  • Kixam

    Kixam is a singer-songwriter/music producer/sound engineer born in 1999. His genre-less and minimalistic track makeup is characteristic, but his charm is also the wet and languid sound image like leaf blades after rain. In addition to that, it is characterized by ennui vocals without thorns and a contemporary and emotional melody line, and the sissy and fantastic lyrics inevitably harmonize with the sad sound. And for every song released so far, he has done all the processes himself, from producing to packaging. This makes it possible to create highly pure works that strongly reflect the artist's unique sensibilities. In addition, in order to share this multi-skill with other artists, he established an independent label under the name of Atelier the Snep, and is also active as a sound engineer and songwriter.

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