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Limited Express (has gone?)

They released First Album in 2003 from TZADIK record which is famous for John Zorn,after that they flew all over the world of 15 countries. After that they released Second album from Japanese label"memory lab".They supported the performance of WHY?,NUMBERS and The Damned,Limited Express(has gone?) became the band which took the lead in alterenative and punk music scene in Japan in reality as well as in name.However,suddenly,they declared their break up in 2006.Six months after,they declared their come-back.TDK who performed drums and member of JOY which representative Japanese punkband, became a member of Limited Express (has gone?) officially.JJ organized "BOROFESTA" which is music festival in Kyoto.YUKARI is the leader of 'NI-HAO!' band.Their activities include many different things. The latest works are the 'spirit album'with DODDODO released by Less Than TV and their third album.They're going to continue the activity energetically, over seas,China,Australia and more.

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