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The harp born at ancient Assyria, KUGO was introduced into Japan via Kudara in Korea from China via the silk road, in Tenpyo Period (710-794), and it was put in Shoso-in. The numbers of the beautiful musical instrument from which the other kinds aren't judged existed in the world in the eighth century Japan, but only several kinds used for court music of Japan at present and is being selected, and kugo was also one of the musical instrument which followed a fate of extinction.
A study of kugo which became only damaged imperfection was developed in Shoso-in, and a performance became possible by restored kugo as a musical instrument recent years In 1200 after.
Though Elegance in a capital in Nara in Tempyo Period is expressed, Yo Saito's "Sound drops in Tempyo" is being expressed an absurdity of extinction by the rhythm mark 3 reams into which 2 beats of phrase.

Around the 8th century, Gregorian chant was sung at Europe, but a concert like the good-looking orchestra of beautiful musical instruments was performed by the Great Buddha enlightenment in Todai-ji in Nara.
It's valuable from both sides as a musical instrument as industrial art works in two kugos which stays in Shoso-in. The orthodox restoration musical instrument which studied and restored by making by a carpenter craftsman faithfully from imperfection in Shoso-in, National Theater of Japan and Todai-ji, they have some. Yo Saito has 1 Kugo made simultaneously with the Great Buddha enlightenment 1250 year ceremony Todai-ji presentation items, too. These kugo used a peg for violas for the body of a paulownia where we have no decoration which made the demonstration function give priority as a musical instrument and the part where a string is tightened.
Anyway wonderfully, please have an interest in musical instruments in Shoso-in by all means. Things in Shoso-in aren't the private level by assets of the Imperial family also transcends a cultural asset, and is a modest and magnificent treasure by which it can be said that the so-called "national treasure" lay is also highly ranked.

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