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It is music to say to become another quarter of century ago, but Kazuki remembers that it was to a refrain lost child with mineral matter in particular more in those days as it was a simple sound.
I am glad of the color and heat at the time while being conscious of thickness and a noise by this remake if I have you just enjoy the world that is the panorama of the stereo.
One which is beautiful whether the lyrics are funny or
sinks by daily life in each stroke. You enlarge such world, and please enjoy it (Naomi Iwata)

Is it a hallucination whether that you hear it is imagination whether it is reality? I walk the bright town vacantly even at night. The noise and a noise, stillness to sometimes come. I described the light and shade of the light in a tone and the volume of the guitar. The guitar solo shifting from "stillness" to "motion" intensely is a forte of the millennium from old days. Fear and a sense of oppression not to be able to be finished on the surface of the water even if I struggle. You stop breath, and please listen. The chorus such as the personality another in the main vocal who is almost vivid in nude, a familiar baseline. From discomfort to a pleasant feeling not to know when the music that began is over. Welcome back come. (Shusaku Ota)

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    ROCK BAND -SENNENKI- Around 2000, she worked actively at a live house in Tokyo. Activity resumed for the first time in 10 years. I would like to send out the excitement of moving the younger listeners of the "next generation" with the values ​​that can be understood because they are "now" on the ROCK.

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