Light & Dark

  1. Light & Dark

The singer/songwriter Shimizu Manabu who sings LOVE & PEACE,It's a lecture and wide activity in live broadcasting, a performance and a television program.
2019 year Announcement work "Light & Dark"
A sexy rock vocal is charm.

Shimizu Manabu

Singer/songwriter from Nagano-shi "Shimizu Manabu" I debut by a produce of Tetsuya Omuro and Kine Naoto in 2000. A commercial song, a drama theme song and NHK drama appearance keep coming into action in MARUCHI with a television, wireless and an event produce focusing on a musical campaign after that. The "recollection" which made the grandfather's war story of the experiences a song again just as it is in 2007 is released. After a while is also working on the toque and the live broadcasting to which importance of the dream, peace and the life is handed down through a song "recollection project", is going to school in the whole country as well as in Nagano-ken aggressively and is doing a lecture.

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