1. Don't
  2. Time Shift
  3. APL
  4. Imperfection
  5. Particle Pieces
  6. Hit The Wall
  8. Casual Linking
  9. Out Of Sight
  10. Life And Limb
  11. Shelter House (aka Chapter House)
  12. Strange Flavor

ミクスチャーバンドSBK(スケボーキング)やSteady&Co.、クラブミュージックを追求したDJ+LIVEユニットFAKE EYES PRODUCTION、さらに今年2ndアルバムをリリースしたATOM ON SPHEREのギタリストを務めるなど、メジャーからアンダーグラウンドまでシーンを縦横無尽に駆け抜けるカリスマ的な存在感で知られるSHIGEO率いるエレクトリック・ニューウェイブ・バンド「The SAMOS(ザ・セイモス)」が、7年ぶりの待望のニューアルバムが遂に完成!!
日テレ初のツイッター連続ドラマ「シンデレラ地獄へ行く」の主題歌“Time Shift”、USインディーズシーンでカリスマ的な人気を誇るワシントンD.C.の伝説的なバンド「Fugazi」のカバー曲“Life and Limb”を含む全12曲が収録。


The band name "The SAMOS" is inspired by one of the most important contemporary artists of the 20th century, Basquiat. When he was active in the New York subculture scene with unique expressions such as mysterious graffiti in the late 70s, he was known as "SAMO©". In 2006, The SAMOS jumped into the music industry to stir-up the scene. Although 100% "Made in Tokyo," the high quality of their sound that equally rival with the rest of the world caused them to gain attention since their debut.The Samos' realistic sound is backed with the long history of each band members' experience and activity in the music industry. Starting with electronic as their foundation, they successfully fuse rock and dance music to create a sound that is rarely found in Japan. They are in high demand to perform at various venues, club events, and fashion shows with countless special guest appearances.At times, they intertwine the raw DJ sound, and at other times, they start out by adding sequence to their sound, and as the audience peak out with excitement, they feedback their play... This sort of extravagant display in their performance is only done so due to their sense of dexterity and technique. It should also be noted that their performance and music is the result of the unity and the mixture of four different individuals within the band with various styles and ideas. From Tokyo to the world, The SAMOS is a three piece electronic dance band that transmits their sensational music to the universe.

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