Drive on a Saturday Morning

  1. Drive on a Saturday Morning

This song came to be during my song-making-trip to Okinawa. I was staring at the ocean in Chatan-cho Town and I sung the praises of freedom under the expansive sky. Road leading beyond sight, underneath another sky. I hope you enjoy the melodious scenery unfold as we go on a Saturday morning drive.


The World is One Beneath this True Blue Sky TRUE BLUE WORLD (= referred to as Sekai Blue hereafter) embodies all that I perceive and feel in this beautiful world. It is a dream that I long to make come true. I dedicate my heart and soul to the music I create, with every note that gathers to become the melody, and with every word that gathers to become the lyrics. My music is a prologue to the future world we all look forward to ; a world full of pleasant surprises. I want to take you with me as I sail large into the boundless possibilities of music. Come join me in the search for the Sekai Blue yet to be seen. Take my hand and believe in my Sekai Blue. Tokyo, JAPAN

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