Fight Back

  1. Able-Bodied Person
  2. Still Me
  3. Ordinary Song
  4. X (Remix)
  5. Stacy M
  6. Byplayer
  7. If I'm White
  8. If this, If that
  9. Attack
  10. Compromise
  11. Light On the Opposite Shore
  12. Fight Back
  13. Let the Right One In
  14. Exception
  15. An Artificial Leg Light (Live Mix)


An electrounit mainly on Shoji Makino, Junya Masunari and Hirofumi Tokai. We appear to a club, Rave, a gallery from 1999. We offer music to a video work of KOG(King of Ground) which is the series of a flat competition of BMX of the biggest in Japan. We offer music to a compilation album of release than an MHP label and widen width of activity. "Glitched-out Trip music. With pounding bass beats and plenty of samples, a.b.perspectives will not dissapoint the fan of a rougher electronic feel. Mainly relying on instrumentals."

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