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Osaka rapper "Jin Dogg", one of the most popular rappers in the Japanese rap scene, has teamed up with "THE UNCLE", a HIPHOP production unit consisting of "SIBA" and "DJ RYO-TA", to release a single "Yo-Sea", a singer who represents Okinawa, as a guest performer. Intro (feat. Yo-Sea)" was released.
The track has an urban feel, with a verse by Jin Dogg that depicts the realities of today, and the cool presence of Yo-Sea's voice on top of it.

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  • Jin Dogg

    Born in 1990 in Ikuno Ward, Osaka City, Jin Dogg is a trilingual rapper who is fluent in Japanese, Korean, and English from his various experiences in Japan and abroad during his school years. He has been a constant guest performer both inside and outside the hip-hop scene, playing shows all over Japan and appearing at large-scale festivals, all the while abandoning all pretense to deliver a strong message that shakes the listener's soul violently, and his overwhelming live performances, sometimes accompanied by extreme moshing, have made him a major presence in the scene. The pace of his activities accelerated even further.

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    Jin Doggの他のリリース

    THE UNCLE was formed by two producers, SIBA and DJ RYO-TA. SIBA has produced a wide range of music, including big hits such as RYKEY & BADSAIKUSH - "Roots My Roots", as well as songs for movies. DJ RYO-TA has worked with many artists in his hometown, Hamamatsu, as well as many others. In 2022, the music that the two have been cultivating since the 2000s will finally be released to the world.

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