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  1. UNITY (English)
  2. UNITY (Japanese)
  3. Kingston is in my soul

UNITY Recording with Sly&Robbie in Kingston,Jamaica. 206 countries and 106 languages of love are embedded in this song....

What do you wanna do for the world?

It took a really long time to complete this single with an added bonus song.
Since i met Sly&Robbie, it took 4 years for the idea to blossom and another 2 years to create this song.
It has been 18 years since i started sings a song then while i traveled the world i wondered what i can do for the people...and i finally found a light of hope on my road...

206 countries and 106 languages of love are embedded in this song..
and also i wrote this song for all the people which don't even belong to United nation.

It wasn't easy and struggled with so many challenges,made new friends but at the same time i was hurt by their betrayal.I went through ups and downs beyond imagination...while i created this song.
How did i keep faith and love? The energy and passion to deliver my message and also the support from friends and family. And finally completed "UNITY"

What do people wanna do for the world?
It should be more simple than we think.I would be happy if you could join my UNITY project through my music and send love to all the people in this world.... if you can join my journey,i will be happy.

I will donate some of the profits to charity, which supports children in third world countries who are unfortunate to have the things we enjoy on an daily basis.

Take my hand and it's time to be united.

.Kingston is in my soul(Bonus track) was recorded in the yard with local musician.
One love Gypsy


Gypsy Princess Free spirit,Artist/Singer a song writer,traveler 
Gypsy started her career as a lead singer of Hunch, a band her and her high school friends formed when she was sixteen. She sure got credits for the band`s unique sound, which was mixture of reggae,blues,rock, jazz and soul since she was heavily influenced by some oversea legends. With her song writing, often inspired by her everyday-life, as well as her smoky voice, the band got some fame in the Tokyo underground scene. Also Gypsy is as know as traveler.Intensely kept going on for many tramps to countries like, Cuba and Jamaica,Mexico,India,The Gambia,U.S.A,England,France,Netherlands etc....,not only for gaining inspirations for her song writing, but also her paintings and poetries. Around this time, Gypsy began to work as a solo artist, having a few painting exhibitions in Tokyo. 2013,She went to The Gambia for joined Back To Africa festival with Mad Professor. 2014,She recored songs with Bassist Kirk who has been played with Lee Perry. 2015 and 2016,She joined New Orleans Jazz Orchestra's show in Tokyo. 2014 and 2015 She joined Mad professor's show in Tokyo. And 2017,Finally she recored with Sly&Robbie,Robbie Lyn and Dalton Browne at Anchor studio inKingston,Jamaica. Her fans are looking forward to its public release.

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