Windy Waves (plus - 4 beats)

  1. Lost in The Pacific
  2. Windy Waves
  3. Cosmic Hula
  4. 7th Voyage
  5. Being like a Lotus
  6. Dusk in the Desert
  7. Asian River
  8. The Lights Go Down
  9. Hanmock
  10. For the Birds and Trees

Tokyo based independent musician, beipana's 1st digital album consists of two parts, Balearic part "Windy Waves" and Chill beats part "4 beats". Both sides are also intended to remind listeners vacation mood.

beipana made the album by using electronic instruments and own guitar and Hawaiian lap steel guitar playing.


Tokyo based independent musician. Making chillout / minimal / ambient sounds. Playing guitar, steel guitar, sampler and electronic instruments. Latest CD album "Lost in Pacific" was chosen as one of contributor's best album 2016 of FACT Magazine.

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