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The second album of welcome five!
The long-awaited delivery is finally decided! !!
Continuing from the previous work, it embodies a further world view
This work.
You will know this by listening to it. The real "Aito Heiwa".
Happiness is always right there.

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  • welcomefive

    Smile in the world! Takahiro Sasaki's Music Project With keyboard vocal Takahiro Sasaki Trunk case drum MB duo unit Once you see a character that is too rich I will never forget it. The lyrics and uniqueness of Takahiro Sasaki, who has both habits and habits Music sense, two passion and groove It has sublimated into a unique sound. From 2018, one-man operation will be performed regularly and SOLD OUT will be held. I'm returning. Acoustic unit with band Enjoy new entertainment that is different from that! Formed in Hiroshima Prefecture in 2017 November 2, 2018 First one-man `` Sasaki license'' 40 people mobilized at Hiroshima JIMO cafe SOLD OUT 2019 One-man theater for four consecutive months Rakuza Organ-Za DUMB RECORDS All performances sold out at JIMO cafe 2020 Performed a one-man theater for two consecutive months in the Corona Whirlpool. JIMO cafe mobilized 20 people, second clutch mobilized 50 people Both performances SOLD OUT Scheduled to be held at HIROSHIMA ALMIGHTY on October 17, 2021

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