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It is said that it has been about 4.6 billion years since the earth was born.
Homo sapiens (human beings with intelligence) originated about 200,000 to 300,000 years ago. I created this song with the image of medieval Europe in the 15th century.
Our predecessors with a thirst for knowledge questioned everything and wanted to know the truth.
However, the era which was not possible for anyone to study or research freely. So, there were many people who risked their lives to know the truth.
I would be happy if you could feel the scenery that our ancestors saw, the unchanging beauty of the universe and the earth's natural objects through this song.
Who created this universe...? Why I was born...?How to live this short life...? The answers for these questions are still shrouded in mystery.
I cannot stop believing that the memories of our ancestors are engraved in the brains of modern people as DNA.
I added the subtitle "Future is past" because I thought "the future will leave and the past will come again".

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    Recording the melody that comes up with from somewhere, drafts of 13 songs have already created. However, I didn't have any means to shape the image because I can play the piano a little bit. Then, I encountered Logic Pro X which my daughter of generation Z has bought, and I finally got a chance to have someone listen my songs. Even though, I'm not good at manipulating a PC, Z in my house as another brain, tried to learn all kinds of programming as if it were a game. We've finally come this far while repeating trial and error. She is also good at treating Hatsune Miku, and may become the vocalist later instead of VOCALOID, god knows. We started creating music by dividing a role as a married couple and collaborating like a twins. How wonderful it would be if I could make a song that hasn't existed in this world yet. I'm going to release one song in two weeks, it's my aim. By the way, I'm also not good at singing and playing the instruments. I expect my generation Z to make up for my lack of ability. I want to create many songs freely and enjoyably without being bound by music theory.

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