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iamSHUM and DJ YU-KI team up to completed the best song.
Music production started from the planning of "iamSHUM and DJ YU-KI Radio Program" "Wombat".
And The theme of this song is "LINE".
The rhythm of the Moombahton with a good middle tempo, and once you listen to this song, the "Gimme Gimme Yo" melody that you can't get out of your ears will soon sing.

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Gimme GImme

iTunes Store • Dance TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 3 • 10 Dec 2019

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  • iamSHUM

    iamSHUM Birthday: February 8, 1989 -Singer -Composer -Lyricist -Sound producer -Film director iamSHUM has written songs for artists such as Kumi Koda / Kis-My-Ft2 / SEAMO / RADIO FISH / lol, etc... In summer of 2016, he released "Okinawan Tropical House", an album with famous Okinawa songs arranged in the tropical house style. The album made it to No.3 in the iTunes dance chart. In February, 2017 iamSHUM produced the main theme song for "ULTRAMAN ORB, THE ORIGIN SAGA". After that, he released "SWAG NIGHT" "WHAT YOU WAITING" and "Okinawan Tropical House 2" for his solo project, and these songs have become hit songs in the club scene in Japan. In summer of 2017, he performed for 41 days at "Hachamecha Summer Night Party", a festival which took place in Universal Studios Japan. And He performed at one of the biggest festivals in the world "ULTRA JAPAN 2017". And "ULTRA KOREA 18" / "ULTRA JAPAN 18" iamSHUM has started his own label "CLMX Records" in April 2018. he released "I AM THE BEST", an album. The album made it to No.1 in the iTunes Japan chart. He is planning to release more songs.

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  • DJ YU-KI

    [DJ / TrackMaker]

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