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This is a song about unhappy lovers. 106BPM. Indie Rock / Alternative Rock / Post Rock. Sad, Romantic and Moody. I was most inspired by Ride and Taylor Swift. Please enjoy the overflowing emotional melodies. I will be very happy if this song touches your soul. I want you to listen to this song when you are alone at night. If you do that, I think that you can enter the world of this song. I really think that love is painful!

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    THE BOY is the solo project of Akihisa Ota. He was born, raised and lives in the city in Japan, rich in nature. When he was a kid, he listened to rock music for the first time. DYou Know What I Mean? by Oasis made a great impact on him. That led him to aspire to be a rock and roll star. He loves many kinds of music, so he creates many kinds of music. Rock, Pop, Funk, Hip Hop, Techno.....One of his aims is to destroy walls and existing rules. All his songs are produced, arranged, composed, written, performed, sung, recorded, mixed and mastered by himself. He creates music alone in his room everyday. He believes that rock and roll can save the world.

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