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Travel back in time to the studio where Hanamizuki was recorded!

This is a cheering screening for all the future, and in order to realize kindness and comfort beyond common sense, Umami travels today in search of "non-zero sum".

"Yo Hito? Of course I know. There's a spring in the depths of the forest a little north of here. You should go there. Tonight's the full moon."

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  • Lil Umami

    Born in Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture, currently living in Tokyo. A masked rapper that started in June 2023. The goal is "to make a song that will be an acceleration board for everyone" and "to make custom-made high quality masks like mask wrestler". Umami features internet memes, subculture, science fiction, and a flow that puts edgy remarks and honest emotions on it. Umami aims to function as an "idea" for a moment as a rapper. Approaching the world where change is accelerating, crossing over physical and digital, deformation and high resolution, nerd and hard.

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