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A song sung to my deceased father, I want to help people with the same feelings

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  • MASA

    Born on September 29, 1993 Type O When I was in elementary school, my father took me to learn karate. He was reluctant at first, but gradually became serious about it, and even finished third in the Kanto tournament of the Japan Karate Association. When she was in junior high school, she started to like singing, and from that time on, she gradually began to want to become a singer. In 2013, she started the unit activity "NiM2" with her junior high school classmates. She started solo activities in 2018 and performs LIVE activities mainly in the Shonan area of Kanagawa Prefecture. She mainly sings by playing the keyboard, and has gained support from a wide range of people with her specialty falsetto. She opened YouTube "MASA OFFICIAL MUSIC CHANNEL". In July 2020, she released her 1st single "Nukumori / With You".

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