What am I doing waiting here all alone, searching for your face in passing crowds?

It’s hopeless

Vision blurring, tears flowing, stream into a sea, my heart feels heavy on this summer eve

And the setting sun burns all the remnants of our time, it seemed so endless

How could you vanish so soon?

By Sunday, my eyes have dried, and I stare into the dawn sky

I whisper to myself "Your scent is gone"

Why do we so often try to believe our own lies?

It just brings pain and scattered memories

I'll stay blind

Echoes flood my mind, I close my eyes and dream of days gone by, that summer heat

But in the end, the feelings fade and float away, leaving me empty

Phantom pains on twilit moons

My heart aches

As the crowds begin to dwindle down, I gaze at them and wonder "Is love found in loneliness?"

Round and round in a circle with so many stars spinning in my head, heaven weighing down me so heavily

Why did I break that moment?

Fireworks surrounding us, we held each other’s hands so tightly, sparks between us felt so infinite, but now they’re gone

They’re gone

Soon, the sidewalk empties out, the sky feels hollow and I breathe in the new air slowly

It’s Sunday, and my fleeting dreams of that hazy summer town have faded

I've forgotten your voice

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    valerie lamb


antihoney の“Sunday”を


ストリーミング / ダウンロード

1990年代に作曲されたものから2020年の新曲まで幅広く収録。アルバム最後の曲はイタリアの歌劇La Wallyより、Ebben? ne andrò lontanaをカバー。