Fools in April


I don’t want to cry

I don’t want to see you go and leave me here all by myself

I’m never gonna say the word

In the wind, in the rain, I was all alone, all the time before

Until you came, until you said the words, I've kept them in my heart

It was here, it was this place, you taught me how, how I was lost

Then I knew, I need you here, I need you in my life by my side

How many nights you came to me to hold my hands?

I recall your eyes and warmth you used to give me

Now you are here but never give me your eyes

And I know you're trying to say the words again

I must say

I have to go

I have to leave alone and find the way all by myself

I don't want to know, we'll never cross again

April rain, the days we spent, they're still alive inside my mind

Like fate, it was real, we used to share our secret dreams

Hold my hand like you did whenever I was close to tears

Escape from this moment now, the world is breaking

Why do I feel that we were meant to be this way, I've always known that you or I would leave alone?

Still want to know all the promises we made

Are they fooling us or making us say the word?

I don’t want to cry

I don’t want to leave you here and let you go all by yourself

I don’t want to live anymore, not anymore

How many nights will we go crying alone?

If we knew that we’d hurt so much from the start, would we do the same?

Would I still stare into your eyes if I knew that I would let you bleed alone in the night?

I don’t want to try

I never want to see you cry for me

So just stay by my side

Put your hand upon my heart and you’ll know

I don’t want to cry

I don’t want to see you go and leave me here all by myself

Put your hand upon my heart, it won't beat anymore, not anymore

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antihoney の“Fools in April”を


ストリーミング / ダウンロード

1990年代に作曲されたものから2020年の新曲まで幅広く収録。アルバム最後の曲はイタリアの歌劇La Wallyより、Ebben? ne andrò lontanaをカバー。